Glass Condensate Trap Couplings

Scientific Glass Laboratories Borosilicate Glass Trap - Anti-Legionella Coupling System

At the heart of the SGL Glass Trap System is a simple one-bolt coupling which is used to join standard components together. The PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) liner is the only part of the coupling that comes into contact with the condensate thus, due to the unique inert properties of glass and PTFE the colonisation of bacteria is prevented. 
Unique coupling design allows the pressure to be spread over the whole circumference of the glass to obtain the maximum seal required, limiting the stress on the glass to a minimum. 

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  Glass Condensate Trap Couplings

Glass Condensate Traps - Standard Couplings



DN L1 L2 L3  Code No.
20 40 54 22 BC-20  
25 52 65 27 BC-25