Screw Caps & Fittings

SGL – Scientific Glass Laboratories Ltd of Stoke-On-Trent - one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of laboratory glassware offer a comprehensive range of Laboratory Screw Caps and Fittings.

To Place an Order For Laboratory Glass Screw Caps & Fittings call SGL Ltd on 01782 816237 or Email Us                

Plastic Cap

                                                                                  Item                               Bibby Ref                     Each  
C13/3 CAPS QC13/3 2.66  
           C18/3 CAPS QC18/11 2.66  
  C24/3 CAPS QC24/12  3.40  
    C28/3 CAPS QC28/9 3.67
    C28/4 CAPS QC28/13  3.67
    C28/5 CAPS QC28/21  3.67

PTFE Washer

                                                                             Item                               Bibby Ref                     Each  
W13/3 WASHER QW13/6 0.94  
           W18/3 WASHER QW18/7 1.16  
  W24/3 WASHER QW24/6  1.76  
    W24/4 WASHER QW24/9 1.90
    W24/5 WASHER QW24/11  1.90
    W28/3 WASHER  QW28/6   1.71
    W28/4 WASHER  QW28/11   1.71
    W28/5 WASHER QW28/18  1.71

Rubber Ring

                                                                                  Item                               Bibby Ref                     Each  
R13/3 RINGS QR13/6 0.94  
           R18/3 RINGS QR18/7 1.49  
  R24/3 RINGS QR24/6  2.66  
    R24/4 RINGS QR24/9 2.66
    R24/5 RINGS QR24/11  2.66
    R28/3 RINGS  QR28/6   3.67
    R28/4 RINGS QR28/11   3.80
    R28/5 RINGS QR28/18  4.90

GL14 Cap Fittings

                                                                                                               Item                                                                Each  
GL14/C CAP 1.27  
           GL14/N CONNECTORS 1.03  
  GL14/R RING/WASHERS     2.07