Distillation Heads, Splash

SGL – Scientific Glass Laboratories Ltd of Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire - one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of laboratory glassware offer a comprehensive range of Laboratory Distillation Heads.

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Distillation Heads - Splash, Sloping

    Item                  Cone to Fit        Socket to Fit     Each  
      Flask  Condenser     
  SPS/22 B19 B19 19.90  
           SPS/23 B24  B19 18.80  
    SPS/33 B24 B24 19.95  
    SPS/44  B29  B29  22.97
  SPS/55  B34  B34  37.39

Distillation Heads - Splash, Vertical

    Item                  Cone to Fit  Socket to Fit     Each  
      Flask                Condenser     
  SPV/22 B19 B19 19.56  
           SPV/23 B24  B19 20.10  
    SPV/33 B24 B24 24.23  

Distillation Heads - Splash Head, Adapter

             Item                  Socket        Cone     Each
  SPA/23 B19 B24 16.88
           SPA/33 B24 B24 18.90